Friday, 6 August 2010

I've moved...

from here to here  Sorry for any inconvenience caused!! *

Friday, 22 January 2010

In Praise of

Now, I'm not one to do this very often. But, just before Christmas I contracted with Orange and Internet Everywhere, as I am unable to get an ADSL line due to the remoteness of my house. Hell, my lane dosen't even show up on a TomTom, and if my normal postman's on his holidays...

So for two and a half days I have not been able to connect successfully to the internet using the above "dooberry" but in white. I made a couple of phone calls, still not too sure what the problem was, but they called me. Yes, they called me this morning appologising yet again and discounting 50% of this months charges.

Big, big up for Orange

Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010 My Resolutions

So, photographically speaking my New Year's resolutions are
  • Complete Project 365 - My first two pics are on this post
  • Improve and Learn
  • See if I can make a bit of money to buy new gear
  • Enjoy
Should be relatively easy to fulfill I think *

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Helping to rediscover my Mojo

When my PC gave up the ghost the other month, I rather lost my mojo for photography. I think it was the thought of processing and uploading all the photos I'd taken for my 365 project that did it. Also that my session with the twins was a bit of a disaster too, will blog that later

Two things have happened recently to help me recover this lost mojo, one was that the photo I took above won December's competition in my camera club - "Black & White"

And the second was that I won six months membership to Silverlake Photo in a Twitter competition. All in all a successful finish to 2009.

And to help me keep up the momentum, I will be starting another 365 project on 01.01.2010 *

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Gratuitous Christmas shot of my two house models. Hoping you all had a good one and that 2010 brings all that you wish for. *

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Panning or Brushing as they call it here in Spain - had to google it ;-)

So, our local camera club decided to hold it's monthly competition with the theme of "brushing" My mind truly boggled and so I consulted the ever trusty SeƱor Google, and from the description found out that they were talking about panning. As I had never tried this before I decided to give it a quick whirl.

Took the girlies on a hike out to the countryside, where we found some huge bales of straw. It took very little coaxing for them to repeatedly climb up and jump off

As you can see, my efforts weren't really that successful LOL

Luckily a few days later Girlie#1 was competing in a Duathlon of running and cycling, so like the good mamarazzi that I am I took my camera along and...By jove I got it

So that's one other new thing that I've learned to do :-D *

Monday, 2 November 2009

Going back in time

The main PC is at the doctors with a nasty virus, I am blaming the girlies for downloading music. So I decided to dig through my Flickr archives for something to post :-)

Way back in March of this year, we went to Muricia where one of our camera club members gave a talk on the use of natural and artificial light in outdoor photography. We used fill flash, reflectors and off camera flashes. We had "real live" models and makeup artists as well. Fortunately we all met up rather early and as the girlies were with their Daddy, I didn't have to worry about them getting in the way, getting lost or getting a cob on as they weren't being used as models - hahaha!
This picture actually got to number 19 on Flickr Explore, which is my highest placed explore, laughable really as the original was seriously over exposed. However, there is still something about it that I like, which is what counts I guess.

The models were all complete professionals and so easy and fun to work with. Only had a few language barrier problems

with this one, where I wanted them to look lovingly into each others eyes! Don't think that the chemistry was there actually.After this shoot, we retired to a nearby hotel, for an absolutely splendid lunch, and then spent the afternoon wandering around Murcia taking more photos and generally enjoying the day. As evening came we tried a few nocturnals, a disaster for me and of course it was obligatory to round the night off with a fantastic Tarta Murciana, a lovely spicy meat pie. *